16th June 2014

Roger Deakin


Waterlog, Vintage, London (2000)
Roger’s first book – a joyful and eccentric foray into the wild waters of Britain.


Wildwood – A Journey Through Trees, Hamish Hamilton, London (2007)
Published shortly after his death, this book celebrates the transforming magic of trees, exploring the ‘fifth element’ of wood as it exists in nature, in our souls, in our culture and our lives.


Notes from Walnut Tree Farm, Edited by Alison Hastie and Terence Blacker, Hamish Hamilton, London  (2009)

Roger Deakin kept notebooks in the last six years of his life, recording his daily thoughts, impressions, feelings and observations about and around his home, Walnut Tree Farm.


 Newspaper and journal writing, 1973-2006

Open Democracy, 1999-2006
Shoes – The Countryman, 2001
“Crabwise Through Cromer”. The Telegraph, 2001
“Common Sense”. The Independent, 2001
BBC Wildlife Magazine, 1997-2004
Fens skating, 2000-2002
Country Living Magazine, 2002-2005
Resurgence, 2002-2003
Moats, 2000-2001
Wild Swimming, 1999
“Sea Swimming”, 2004
“Lost Lidos”. Daily Telegraph Travel, [2000?]
Lisbon, 1999
“Uked”. Telegraph Travel [undated]
“Planet Earth”. Financial Times column, [undated]
Waveney Clarion, 1973-1980



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